Monday, September 24, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 16 - New Orleans, LA

Hey everyone!

The mission field is awesome!  Everything is going quite well!  It is so much fun to be helping the people of New Orleans!  I guess i will start of by talking about our investigators that we have been meeting with lately.
The first is Virginio.  He is about 70 years old, and is excited to learn more.  We are teaching him about the plan of salvation right now, and taking it slower so he can really understand.  That is the funny thing about Hispanics.  If you ask them if they understand, pretty much always they will say si.  Even if they don't.  You usually have to ask more specific questions about what you are teaching at the moment.  Virginio really wants to come to church, so our goal is to find a way to get him there.
Next that comes to mind is Manuel.  Manuel is not the typical Hispanic.  He is agnostic, which means he kinda believes in God, but more in that there is a powerful being, and isn't sure how we can know he is there.  Therefore, scriptures are a hard thing for him to believe are true.  However,we are helping him to understand, and to understand more about where he is coming from.  He is really interested in church history, so we are helping him understand that more as well.  He fed us the other day with these things that were like corn tortillas filled with meat and veggies, with a green salsa over the hole thing.  That was good, however it wasn't until after when me and Elder Gillett talked that we decided that one of the ingredients had to have been chicken neck.  That was interesting. 
Then we have a gang of people we have that we see off and on.  They are David and Zuri (z in Spanish is kinda like an s), who just had a baby, and Igor, Marcos, and Nito, who are all single guys just working in construction.  We are teaching them about the restoration, and they want to learn more.  They work a lot though, so they don't always follow commitments.
Otherwise, the work is going well!  We have a goal to contact three people per day, and that has been helping us to find more potential investigators.  Also, i am finally starting to be able to understand people, and take a part of the lessons!  It is crazy to see how the gift of tongues is real!  If we need to do something, i know, just like Nephi does in 1 Nephi 3, that the Lord will provide a way!
This weekend was my first week to do service in La Place, and in Plackmine.  La Place is looking better, but Plackmine was under 22 feet of water for 3 weeks... it was gross.  The house i helped at was a man that luckily, his home was on stilts, so he only had about 4 drywall damage, but he had a trailer that we pretty much just demolished, along with all that was inside.  That, and he had a rabbit farm, that all the rabbits had died.  That was super gross.  Otherwise, it was great to serve, and the knee didn't get in the way, which was great.  In 1 week, i am allowed to run again, so that will be great!  I cant wait to be completely normal!
Well, life is great in Louisiana!  Thanks for all that y'all do!
Love you!
Elder Scott Andrews

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