Monday, October 1, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 17 - New Orleans, LA

Third week out! I think . . . .

Hey everyone! 

Its been a good week!  Everything is going pretty well!  The Spanish is still coming along, bit by bit.  I know that all I need to do is be patient, work hard, and the Lord will take care of the rest.  My goal for this week is to be able to just go up to someone, talk, and testify.  I know that if i can bring the spirit into a conversation that takes place less than a few minutes, the spirit will do the work. 

Well, we got one of our investigators to come to church yesterday!  His story is pretty cool.  We had just come out of a visit with a less active member, who, by the way, is really into music, so that was fun!  Anyways, we had just come out of this appointment, and decided to contact someone on the street.  We saw this man, Danielle walking towards us, so we stopped him, and told him what we where about. He said that he had talked with missionaries back in Honduras!  He had attended church a few times, and really wanted to again!  We gave him our number, took his, got him a ride to church, and he showed up!  It was awesome!  Well, we don't really know much about him, so I can't wait to have our first lesson with him!

We also got to talk with Jose and Areli a few times.  They are excited about it all, and yesterday we extended the baptismal commitment, and they said yes!  I was so excited, and the spirit was so strong!  They weren't able to come to church though, because they misunderstood the time we had told them, but they said they are coming the next time for sure!  Tonight we have Noche de Hogar, or Family Home Evening with them.  I can't wait!  We will be teaching about the doctrine of Christ, and use and object lesson.  We will give them four graham crackers, for each of the doctrines, faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  Then we will use icing to build towers, and then put books on them as we endure trials and endure to the end.  It's going to be a blast!
Last of our investigators that we met with last week is Virginio.  He doesn't quite understand authority, because when we committed him to be baptized, he just said he was, so we will teach him more on that!

Otherwise, life is good!  I love cooking for myself!  Jose and Areli gave us an avocado the size of a small football, and these weird green fruit called Kinep, that look like small limes.  You break them open, and then there is a pit the size of a big marble, and it has a little bit of the fruits flesh on it.  You then just put it in your mouth and chew the flesh off.  They are REALLY good!  Too bad they are hard to get in the US. If you see those around, get them!  Also, one of the families in the ward made us Arepas.  They are corn tortillas that are almost an inch thick, that are stuffed with whatever meat, vegetable, etc. that you want.  Ours had chicken, beans, Honduran creme, which is a mixture of just about every creme you could think of, and avocado.  They where amazing!  I never really liked avocado before, but it isn't that bad!

Well, that is pretty much all!  Everything is going well here in the Big Easy, which, by the way, is the perfect name for this place.  Everyone is just easy going, which makes it a bit hard to get them to do things!  Well, gotta go!

Elder Scott Andrews

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