Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Year 1 - Letter 32 - New Orleans, LA

Helaman 12:23

Hey everyone!  Emailing again on Tuesday, sorry!  Transfers this week.  I will try not to make this a habit :)

Good news!  No one in our district is getting transferred!  This means that next Monday, I will get to sing the national anthem at a Hornets game with all the other missionaries, and that I will be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras!  From what I have heard, it is pretty crazy.  I have heard that, and that you stay away from the French Quarter.  And dodge coconuts being thrown.

We had a good week this week!  Lots of service opportunities!  With helping Robert, one of the English Downtown NOLA Elders sons move. I think we got something like 16 man hours this week, probably more.  Crazy, because it feels like this is the first Preparation day that I have had in 2 weeks!

Elder Packer says hi to you all!  Elder Packer of The Seventy, the son of President Packer.  He was super cool!  He talked about what we need to do to help the work continue.  One of the ways he did this was he showed us that of every twenty investigators we have in our teaching pool, the statistic is that one of those will be baptized.  For our mission specifically, it is one out of every 13.  Therefore, what we need to do is find more people to teach, and then teach better!  How do we teach better?  WE TEACH MORE!  The goal he gave us is 20 lessons a week.  That is quite a bit more than our usual 12 or so.  We can do it!  So far so good!

One of the coolest things ever was that President Wall chose me and Elder Larsen to be one of the few that got to have a one on one interview with Elder Packer!  He was so nice, and asked me how I liked the meeting, and to say hi from him to my family, and thank them for all they have done to help me be a missionary.  One of our less active members, Roberto Barahona, said the same to you all, so thank you!
This last week I went on an exchange to the East!  If you look at a map, you see downtown New Orleans, and then if you go up to where New Orleans meets the Pontchartrain, then go east till you cross a canal, you will be looking at the east.  The east has a huge hype for being a place that has almost nothing going on, but I was super glad to go there and serve with Elder O'Donnel for a little and prove that wrong. We met with three or four people.  One was a young man that is going to turn in his papers really soon, and we helped him answer some questions he had.  Then we went to teach an awesome restoration lesson, and the spirit was so strong, and the investigator was super excited to learn.  He had read everything they had given him, and then more in the Book of Mormon, so that is awesome for them!

This week was a little tougher for us here in New Orleans.  Not as many lessons at the beginning of the week, but the other day we went to Jefferson, and talked with Jose y Areli, who we haven't seen in forever, because his phone wouldn't work and they where never home.  They where super excited to see us, and told us we had better come back sooner!  We also did some contacting and found a super old contact that the area book said had a ton of potential.  That was cool.  We have a return appointment with him and one of his friends.
After that, we where off to Osmond, a less active member, who was also excited to see us.  Usually he isn't home, but we got to have a lesson with him and all of his family, which is the first time I have ever seen that!  They where really shy, but that is OK.  We will work on becoming their friends!

I get to talk in church this week!  I am so excited!  I know that I can do it!  I have the topic of talking on the organization of the church of Jesus Christ!  It sure will be interesting!  I always get interesting topics!  Like this, or indexing!  Pray for me, and that I will be guided to know what I need to say!

Well, that is pretty much it for right now! Life is great!  I am so happy to  stay here in the Big Easy!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

PS.  the picture is of me and Daniel Barahona, and the next is me and Elder Larsen, my MTC companion on christmas eve.

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