Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Year 1 - Letter 31 - New Orleans, LA

Mosiah 2:17

Hey everyone!
Crazy week, hence you are getting this email on a Tuesday, but good.  New years was interesting.  It was our Preparation day, so we had all of the morning to do whatever, like a regular Preparation day, and then we were on lock down in our apartments, so it was pretty much like we had a day off, which was so odd. We had a nice time talking about the past year, and then going to bed at the usual 10:30.
With this new year, our mission is changing things up quite a bit.  It is kind of crazy.  Lots of new goals.  My favorite is one of our zone's goals.  It is that every day, we will read the Book of Mormon, and receive revelation from it.  Then, another goal is that every day, we use this revelation to teach others.  Already I have seen the myriad of blessings from this. One example is that 1 Nephi 7 totally is talking about a less active family.  Ishmael is the less active.  It clearly explains what we can do to help these people.  I LOVE the Book of Mormon!  
Our investigators are doing well!  Daniel is AWESOME!  He was telling us the other day that someone asked him about the Book of Mormon, and questioning why he wasn't reading only the Bible.  He said that the Book of Mormon was the word of God.  When his coworker was talking down the Book of Mormon, he told him that he should read it before he judged it.  We have worked with him on helping him build his testimony for the Book of Mormon, and it really has grown!
One of our other investigators, Lourdes Nunez, has a baptismal date for the 2nd of February!  Sadly, we had to hand her over to the sisters, because she lives alone, but I am so happy and excited for her!
Some other cool things are that we have been trying to get a hold of a man named Manuel since my first week here, and we finally had a lesson with him!  So awesome!  We have been praying for help, and it has been a miracle to see it come!
Another miracle.  One of our less actives, Roberto Barahona, came to church.  In sacrament meeting, he realized his daughter was there.  He hasn't seen her in years!  That was probably one of the most awesome things I have been a part of.
Ok.  Now it is time to explain why this email is coming on Tuesday.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to help Robert, one of the Downtown english's investigator's son, move, and so we took it. It went well, and i know that we are truly happier when we are in the service of our fellow beings.
Last thing.  Next monday, we get to sing in a Hornets Game!  The National Anthem in a NBA game!  It is gonna be awesome!
It is so crazy to be a missionary!  Whenever I sit back and take a look at what is going on, I just laugh.  Two young missionaries, that have only been speaking Spanish for like 7 months, if that, are in charge of the missionary work for New Orleans, the Big Easy!  I have no doubt that we are not alone in this work.  I know that the hand of the lord has helped us in more ways than we can possibly know.
Thank you for everything you all do to support me out here!  Thanks to all of you who sent me packages and cards for Christmas!  It was nice of you all! 
Elder Scott T. Andrews

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