Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Year 2 - Letter 24 - Baton Rouge, LA

Luke 12:11 look at footnote b And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought (GR don’t worry; don’t be anxious about) how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say:

Hey everyone!

Life is good here in Baton Rouge!  Sorry I didn't email yall yesterday.  The libraries are all closed on veterans day here. 

Well, me and Elder Hale had a good week.  We had a few really cool experiences.  The first of all was us having a lesson with Carmen and Arnold.  We went out with Elder English,  who is a senior missionary that has been assigned to work with the Spanish Branch.  We started the lesson by just talking to them more, and she said that she really only wanted to study from the Bible.  I told her that we could do that.  So I started to teach about how the Bible is evidence that God loves his children.  I explained that the Bible is truly a miracle.  We talked about how it was the prophets that wrote the Bible.  We then talked about how she had gotten a testimony of the Bible.  She said it was through studying, fasting, praying, and that she could just feel that it was true.  I then took her to Galatians 5:22-23.  she said that was just what she felt.  This is when I turned the lesson.  I explained that the Book of Mormon was a miracle just like the Bible was. I explained that the Book of Mormon is evidence that God loves all of his children.  I testified that there were people in the Americas trying to follow God, and so he gave them guidance through the prophets.  I testified that if she would read, she would gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon just like she did of the Bible. It was so awesome!  Elder Hale then testified and it was sweet.  

She then explained a concern she had for the scripture in Revelations 22:18 that says to not add to this book.  What was funny is that she didn't know where it was, and so I told her.  It really isn't hard to explain why.  All you need to explain is that when it says "this book"  The book of Revelation is ment, not the Bible as a whole.  John wrote revelation seperate from the Bible.  However, I helped her explain that we would help her find the answer to her question.  I really don't like arguing with people.  I made sure to say that.  She seemed OK with my response.

The next thing that happened is she talked about baptisms for the dead, and how she didn't see how that was supported by the Bible.  Elder English took over for that, and it was awesome.  He covered authority, and how many people don't ever have the opportunity to hear about the gospel.  Baptisms for the dead is evidence of God's love for all of his children.  It was a sweet lesson and the spirit was super strong.  We asked her to make a list of questions, so as we teach her family the lessons, we will make sure to cover her concerns.  It was awesome.

Next cool thing is that we went and saw the Murillos with President Estrada, our branch president.  It was OK.  President talked a lot, but it was all good.  We talked about what he needed to do to become an Elder, and eventually enter the temple with his family.  It was good.

We had a lesson with Lauriano as well.  We taught the restoration, and he says that he believes it all, so that is sweet.  He has such great faith!  It is so neat to see that.
We also saw David, and read with him because he hadn't read the last few days.  It was sweet.  We read the last chapter of Nephi's Vision.  It was awesome.  It talks about the two churches, and how there really is no middle ground.  You either support one or the other.

The Wilkersons are doing well.  We went and helped them instal a toilet, because they had redone their floor in their bathroom and needed help putting it in.  It is a good thing that Elder Hale's dad is a plumbing contractor.  He knows what he is doing when it comes to plumbing.

Well, we just had an awesome district meeting.  It is so cool to see how it just comes together.  I didn't really know what I wanted to instruct on when I woke up, but I remembered that the Zone Leaders had asked us to instruct on weekly planning in chapter 7.  I decided to go ahead and do it.  We started out by having a discussion of what made a good weekly planning, and some things we wanted to change.  That was sweet.  We really saw that it is all about attitude.  I shared the quote that is in Hillary's bathroom.  Attitued is everything: Pick a good one!  We then each took a point of the weekly planning points, and I asked them to look for something they hadn't seen before, that they wanted to change.  It was sweet.  We came up with a lot of good ways to change.  I then asked if they would read through all of the points during weekly planning, and they said they would.  It was a great meeting.

Well, that is pretty much everything!  I know that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls!  I love you all!

Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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