Monday, February 24, 2014

Year 2 - Letter 39 - Baton Rouge, LA

Mosiah 15:14-17 

Hey Everyone!
Well, this last week rocked!  We saw a lot of people and got a lot done, so that was pretty cool. One of the coolest things that happened where a bunch of new callings in the branch.  Most of it was sparked by the English's leaving and not being replaced.  The Englishs are the senior couple that have been helping out the branch for the last 18 months.  Elder English was the ward mission leader, so our Second Counselor, Brother Ricardo Garcia was called to be the new Ward Mission Leader.  Taking his place in the Branch Presidency was Juan Rodriguez, one of the most awesome members we have and was originally the secretary.  Taking his place as secretary was Felipe Robles, our old elders quorum president that has us over every Monday for FHE.  Taking his place as Elder's Quorum President is Filadelfo Gonzales from Gonzales Louisiana.  His counselor is Martin Alvarez.  He is a sweet member that moved into our area recently.  Pretty much all of our active priesthood have a calling in some kind of leadership position.  It is going to be awesome to help them learn.  We have been assigned to study "Teaching, No Greater Call".  We will then help to teach our new leadership.  That is going to be sweet.  It is awesome to be here in a time of growth for the Spanish Fifth Branch of Baton Rouge!
Well, this week we had something like 5 new investigators, due to all of the contacting that we have been doing.
First on the list were Leo and Juan.  We just started talking with them about a week and a half ago while they were working on their truck.  They both have papers and said that they were going to take one of their trucks to Mexico to sell it, but that we could come back after and visit.  Well, Thursday we went back to visit, and they invited us in, and were able to share with them about the Book of Mormon.  They asked us where the name Mormon came from, so we gave them an answer, and they told us to come back again, so that was pretty cool
Second, we taught Chito again.  Twice.  Chito is a sweet guy from the Philippines.  On Monday, we taught him about the Book of Mormon and how it works with the Bible to confound false doctrine.  We read in 2 Nephi 3:12 where it talks about the writings of the Jews and the descendants of Joseph will work together to confound false doctrine.  Chito had a lightbulb moment which was cool.  He understands what the Book of Mormon is.  When we came back to Chito last night, we shared with him Alma 32:21.  Elder Glauser asked him what he thought faith was.  He said it was not walking by sight.  He had seen a little clip on TV where a blind person said he was going east.  Another person asked him how he knew where east was if he couldn't even see.  The man said he didn't walk by sight, but by faith.  We then read in Alma 32:21 and he liked that a lot.  Pretty much solidified what he thought.  We then asked him if he had the faith to try to read the Book of Mormon.  He said he would.  We will visit him again with the English Elders so he can go to the right congregation and everything.
Third was Leopoldo.  We have had so many opportunities to teach Leopoldo, and never have.  It was like we were getting slapped in the face and finally we are reacting.  Anyways, Leopoldo is awesome.  He had some interesting questions about an Antichrist, and what that meant.  We told him we would do more research.
Well, life is great!  The Garcia's had us over on Saturday to have tilapia and rice.  It was really good.  It reminded me of when we did the Halibut in the tin foil boats.  They marinated the fish in lemon juice, cilantro, chicken bullion, and I think that is it.  It was really good.  Well, I love yall! Thanks for everything!
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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