Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 2 - MTC

Hey everyone!
  its crazy that my second week at the mtc is over!  its going by so fast!  The saying around here is that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, la verdad!  My spanish is coming along very well here!  We started teaching Carlos from the beginning again.  We invited him to be baptized, he just doesnt know what church he wants to join yet!  We promised him that as he leera´ el Libro de Momon y orara´, usted recibe el spiritu santo y la verdad de nosotros decimos. I hope he keeps his commitment!  Went to the temple this morning!  Gotta love being in there!  Wish my companions realized its importance a bit more.  Mom!  Your in Utah!  Hope you are enjoying it here as much as i am!  This beautiful weather, as well as this beautiful place, with the mountains an all, as well as the Spirit here in the MTC is incredible!  Last sunday, after the devotional we went and watched a talk given by Elder Bednar last Christmas at the MTC entitled ´´The Character of Christ´´.  Probably one of the coolest talks i have ever heard.  He started off talking about an assignment he had when he was a 70 with elder Maxwell.  In Elder Maxwell´´s talk, he said that ´´Without the Character of Christ, the atonement would not be possible´´.  Interesting.  He mainly said that the Character of Christ was that even in his darkest moments, he constantly looked outward.  The natural man, however, is to look inward, which he compared to the Cookie Monster.  I WANT COOKIE NOW!  For example, after he had been tempted by satan and fasted for forty days, if you look in the JST of that scripture in Matthew, you see that after this ordeal, which i think i would want some help, he sends angels to go to John in prison to comfort him.  Another is after gethsemane, and suffering for the sins and pains of all the world, and bleeding from every pore, he takes the time to do one last miracle, heal the mans ear.  If that were me, i dont know if i would take the time to do that, feeling how the savior must have felt.  He then related this all to missionary work.  He said it can be easy for missionaries to be like the cooke monster.  ´´I WANT BAPTISM NOW!´´  We need to look past our will, and focus on what the will of the father is for those we teach.  AWESOME TALK.  I enjoyed getting letters from you all!  Thanks for sending those!  Tuesday devotional, we heard from Elder Malm, who is from Sweden.  He talked about how we can be better missionaries, which i think was good for all of us to hear. The thing that really stuck out for me were the breif words of his wife.  She talked about a dream her father had in relation to missionary work.  She said her father had seen a beach, and out in the water countless people were drowning.  He helped as many people as he could, but there was not enough people helping.  She related this to the mission field, where the missionaries are few.  There are countless to save, and we need to go out and help! I have been singing in the choir every week!  Its fun!  Even though most of the people have little experience, the directors are really good at dumming things down, and we sound absolutely fantastic!  I miss your food mom!  The MTC is a lot like the Canon, but worse :(  I cant wait to cook for myself!  Well, my time is coming to a close!  I love you all, and miss you!  If i have learned anything here, its that you pray for everything!  Literally, never think you cant pray because its too trivial!
Love you all!
Elder Scott Andrews

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  1. It's fun to read about Scott's experiences in the MTC and to see how he's blessed by feeling the Spirit there.