Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 3 - MTC

The MTC is still as good as ever.  Except the food.  La comida esta malo!  No me gusta NADA.  I cant wait to get to Louisiana!  I'm sure squirrel would taste as good or better than some of the concoctions they create in the MTC cafeteria.  Big news!  The MTC is having a confrence for all of the new Mission Presidents starting Saturday.  Every day from saturday till wednesday there will be apostles and the first presidency here.  Plus, i auditioned and made it into the Mission President Confrerence choir, which consists of around 35-40 voices, about ten being basses.  Sunday, we sing infront of President Monson.  That is going to be crazy!  Wew have good music too.  We're singing Consider the Lillies, Come thou Fount, Praise to the Man, which the MTC choir sang in conference once, and a few others i can't remember.  Its gonna be a neat week!
Had two other cool experiences here that i can think of.  One is that for one of our progressing investigators that we teach (which is really just one of our teachers) we taught about the plan of salvation.  We weren't the most prepared we have ever been, and my companion was not so sure about not using notes, decided to go in without them.  The spirit as he taught about the majority of the Plan of Salvation was incredibly strong, and he used phrases that i am pretty sure he has never used or studied.  It was just a straight up example of the Gift of Tounges.  I was so proud of him!  Another cool incident was when we were making our spanish goals.  I wanted to follow examples of previous districts, which wsa to, for the last two weeks, speak only spanish.  The rest of everyone wanted to "settle" for one week.  Thats what killed me.  The word "settle".  One of the Hermanas asked me what i was thinking.  I had no idea what to say, so i just started to bear my testimony of the Gift of Tounges.  The spirit was stronger there then i had ever felt it.  I made it clear that if we put in the work, we would be able to do two weeks.  I also remember saying something about Nephi 3:7, and that we had been commanded to "speak your languange".  The change that had come over the room was incredible.  I know that the spirit had spoken to them, and we all decided that we could speak spanish for the last two weeks.  I know that if we will just open our mouth, having faith, we will be able to do great things.
Elder Scott Andrews

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