Monday, November 5, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 22 - New Orleans, LA

Hola Familia!

Hey everyone!

Not the best of weeks for the work, but we have those every now and then.  Halloween was fun!  We had a few Elders stay at our apartment that P-Day and had a good time carving pumpkins, and just enjoying the beautiful weather for a couple hours.  Then, as always it was back to the real fun!  Whenever i thought of missionary work before, i was always kinda worried about what it would be like.  Thank goodness we can do what we do, and enjoy it!  I love talking to all these people, and it is awesome to finally be able to understand them, and talk with them!  In this new Spanish Zone that has been created, the goal is to speak Spanish during all of our district meetings, zone meetings, and during companionship study.  It has helped be SO much.  I know that as I have been obedient to the rules and goals that we have made, the Lord has blessed me and those i serve here with!  
Investigators are doing alright.

Daniel who has a date for the 17th is feeling unsure, so we have been trying to help him.  We feel that he pretty much knows everything, but it hasn't gone from his head to his heart yet.  I know that if we can get him to really pray to know, and read the scriptures, he will come to a knowledge that what we are saying is the truth, and then he will want to be baptized, because he will know it's the right thing to do.

Dora is doing fine as well.  She had questions about the temple, so we taught her about the spirit world a bit, and will teach her about temples the next visit.  I hope that as we teach her about the work that goes on in the temple for those that have passed on, she will desire to have this for herself, and then be able to do this wonderful work for her ancestors.

New Orleans is GORGEOUS this time of year!  The weather is perfect for being outside, whether it's biking, or now, running!  I can run around a block or so now, and then i am DONE!  Ha Ha!  I just get way tired and, well, yeah.  It probably doesn't help that i never was the "runner" type.  The knee is not really a problem now though, which is another great blessing!  

One of the greatest things that I have learned here on my mission, is that as I have been obedient to President Wall, the Zone Leaders, the District President, and the leaders of the church, I have been blessed so much!  All we need to do is listen, and then do!  It isn't always what we think we should do, but as we listen to those with authority, we will always be blessed for obedience.  No exceptions!

Love you all!  Be obedient!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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