Monday, November 19, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 24 - New Orleans, LA

Tough week, but hey, I'm fine!

Hey everyone!

This week wasn't one of our best in numbers, but hey that is not whats important.  We had a zone conference last week that talked about this.  President Wall said something that really hit home for me.  He said that someone had told him that the thing that empowers missionaries the most is to know that they are acceptable before the Lord.  It started out by having the Assistants to the president talk about working hard, and working together.  They compared it to a dog sled team, and how even though there is only one or two head dogs, the other dogs are just as important.  They all have different jobs that are essential to the success of the team.  Then we had a discussion with Sister Beckwith.  She has something to do with the missionary work in the southern States, but she is a really successful psychologist, and she talked about stress, and stress management,and also about how our thoughts control our actions.  It was really helpful.  I was getting a little stressed and didn't even know it!  Then President talked about all of it and tied it all together.  What really hit me though was when he talked about being acceptable.  I guess that my expectations of what i should be and do as a missionary where a little higher than they need to be.  He told us that numbers, in the end, aren't important.  What matters is our effort.  If we put in all the effort we can, we will be acceptable before the Lord, and we will be successful.

Well, as for the week, not too much.  Mostly we did a lot of service in helping a few families move, as well as visiting a lot of less active members, because we are updating the ward roster.  We did have the primary program though, and one of our investigators granddaughters was in it!  Dora, the investigator, wants to be baptized, but doesn't feel comfortable doing it here without her family, so we will have to help her with that, and get the ward involved.  Her granddaughter  Carlita wants to be baptized, but her parents told her she needs more experience.  We will see what we can do!

Daniel is alright.  We haven't really gotten to see him though, so he hasn't progressed much.  He knows this is what he needs to do, we just need him to feel that.

Well, that is pretty much it!  Love you all!  Thanks for all you do!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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