Monday, November 12, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 23 - New Orleans, LA

Another Week in the Big Easy!

Hey everyone!  

Pretty good week here in New Orleans.  Had my first companion exchange this week!  It was with Elder Cardon, one of my Zone Leaders, and Elder Gillett's old companion.  He is awesome!  We both are in to classical music, so we got along pretty well.  He is a SUPER good teacher, and I learned a ton from serving with him!  One of the families I went to with him was Antonio and Dora.  She had a question about temples and work for the dead, so the time before Elder Gillett and I had talked about the spirit world, and this time we talked about temples.  Well, our half hour lesson plan took like five minutes, and they had questions about baptism.  Antonio had been baptized like twice already, so he has questions about being baptized again.  We ended up talking about how they could receive an answer for themselves, and read Alma 32:28 to about 30 or so.  The whole chapter is awesome, and I think can be used in almost any situation.  When people have questions about anything, there is a part of Preach My Gospel that tells that if someone, for instance, has a problem with the Word of Wisdom, their real question is if Joseph Smith was a real Prophet, and if he received revelation from God.  Almost every doubt can be answered by helping them understand that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  That is where Alma 32 comes in.  Alma 32 explains how we can come to know if all of this is true.  So, Elder Cardon leaned over to me and asked if I had a scripture on faith.  We turned to Alma 32, and read a bit.  Elder Cardon then explained that we can come to church to receive answers for our questions, and promised them if they came to church with their questions, they would receive an answer.  Antonio's was if he should be baptized again, Dora's was if she should be baptized, and Carlita, their grand-daughters was not IF she should be baptized, but WHEN!  We gave her a Book of Mormon, and a chapter to read.  It was awesome to see that as Carlita was so excepting in that instance, how Dora and Antonio seemed to soften too.  The spirit is so awesome!  I don't know how we could do what we do without it. 
Well, Dora and Carlita came to church, but Antonio wasn't able too.  I can't wait to talk to them!

We also got one of our less actives that we work with, Roberto, to come to church.  He is awesome!  He is in his 70's or so and is very animated.  I LOVE listening to him talk.  He came to church for the first time that any of us could remember.

Well, Everyone else is doing well.  With Daniel, we are just helping him feel the spirit as he reads the Book of Mormon.  He is working like crazy though, so hasn't been able to come to church for a few weeks.  Virginio we haven't been able to talk with for awhile, and the same for Jose and Areli. 

Well, that is pretty much it for investigators.  Life is good here!  The weather is a bit cold, but still nice.  Today we saw a semi take out a street signal!  It was crazy!  Well, that is pretty much all for this week!  I love this work!  Love you all

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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