Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 30 - New Orleans, LA

A wonderful Christmas and a wonderful week!

Hey everyone!  

Early Email this week!  The libraries are going to be closed the 31 and 1 here, so we where told if we were going to email, we had better do it today. 
Christmas was awesome!  We had a sleep over and two other elders came besides the ones in our apartment, making it a total of six elders.  We put all of the mattresses in our main big room and had fun waking up early to open gifts.  Then it was right to getting ready and studying.  After that, we went to the Palacios, a set of brothers that live and work together.  They where super nice to let us come over to use Skype  Then I got to Skype my family!  So nice to hear that everyone is doing well!  Peter's voice is getting deep!  That was a little weird.  We then had a call from some members in our area, the Ortiz family, for a early dinner.  So we got there, and the weather was starting to get crazy.  Once we got there, we figured out that there was a tornado warning!  I didn't know that we got tornadoes here!  Our zone leaders texted us telling us to stay inside, so we ended up staying at the Ortiz home for most of Christmas, since the winds and rain didn't die down until quite late.  It was a nice Christmas. We had Tenderloin, that was cooked with bacon on it.  It was incredible.  I played the piano for them, and we had a good time talking about our traditions back home, and what Christmas is all about.

Our investigators are doing well!
The first of our investigators is Daniel.  We had a lesson with him a couple days ago that was so awesome!  We talked about the Book of Mormon, and i gave him a short summary of the story line and stuff.  It was crazy, because I definitely was using words that i hadn't used before, and definitely had the gift of tongues.  Elder Larsen and I have definitely seen that a lot, since we both are far from being masters of the Spanish Language.  Anyways... Daniel loved it!  We talked about how central the Book of Mormon is, and the spirit was so strong!  We are so blessed!
   Next is Dora.  We had an awesome lesson with her the same day as Daniel's.  We taught about prophets, and introduced Tomas S. Monson (in everything Spanish, it's Tomas).   She was super receptive, and committed to pray and attend church in order to find out if Tomas S. Monson is a prophet.  Once again, the spirit was SO strong!  When we said it was time for us to go, she almost looked sad that we had to leave.  Awesome lesson.  Awesome Lessons!

  The Book of Mormon is so awesome!  I know that we can find answers every time we read from it's pages!  One thing I have been doing lately for my studies is taking a cheap copy of the Book of Mormon, and each time I read in it, I write a question that I have in my head.  Right on the page I am on.  Then, as I read, I highlight things that answer that question, and then write a short blurb about how that answers the question I have.  I haven't not found an answer yet!  I know that as we read in the Book of Mormon, we WILL find answers.  Doesn't matter where we read, or what our question is.  He WILL answer!

Love you all!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!  Thanks for the gifts and cards and prayers!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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