Monday, March 4, 2013

Year 1 - Letter 39 - New Orleans, LA

Jacob 5:71-75

71 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit which I shall lay up unto myself against the time which will soon come.

 72 And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.

 73 And there began to be the natural fruit again in the vineyard; and the natural branches began to grow and thrive exceedingly; and the wild branches began to be plucked off and to be cast away; and they did keep the root and the top thereof equal, according to the strength thereof.

 74 And thus they labored, with all diligence, according to the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard, even until the bad had been cast away out of the vineyard, and the Lord had preserved unto himself that the trees had become again the natural fruit; and they became like unto one body; and the fruits were equal; and the Lord of the vineyard had preserved unto himself the natural fruit, which was most precious unto him from the beginning.

 75 And it came to pass that when the Lord of the vineyard saw that his fruit was good, and that his vineyard was no more corrupt, he called up his servants, and said unto them: Behold, for this last time have we nourished my vineyard; and thou beholdest that I have done according to my will; and I have preserved the natural fruit, that it is good, even like as it was in the beginning. And blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments, and have brought unto me again the natural fruit, that my vineyard is no more corrupted, and the bad is cast away, behold ye shall have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard.

Hey everyone!

It was a hard week!  We tried to meet with our awesome potential investigators and one of them is moving to Kenner, and the others were not home.  I guess we will refer the one to the Kenner Elders and try again with the others!  We are going to be doing a lot of finding this week!  Our mission goal is to have 20 lessons a week, and if we are going to get even close to doing that, we are going to need a bigger teaching pool.  In a super big area with only a few pockets of Hispanics  that is kind of hard, but that is OK.  We are missionaries. We do hard things.

Me and Elder Jones get along really well!  We are quite a bit alike, so that is good.  He reminds me of me at the beginning!  Ha ha, that has been interesting!  I don't think anyone coming out of the MTC really feels confident of their Spanish, except people that went in knowing Spanish, and they don't count.  He is catching on pretty quick though.  He will be just fine.  

I love what our zone is doing lately!  We have a goal to give out 70 copies of the Book of Mormon.  We have been trying to be more creative with how we present the Book of Mormon.  I think the total last week was 48.  We can do it!  I am so excited to go out and help people!  I know that as we go out and work with all of our effort in the vineyard here, we will be able to be happy with those we bring unto Christ!  The picture on this email is (from left to right) Elder Pope, who trained Elder Gillett, who trained me, who is training Elder Jones.  That was kind of a neat picture!  Love you all!  Thanks for the support!

Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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