Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 6 - MTC

Hi everyone! 
Everything is going fine here in the MTC!  Looking at the calendar today and realising that we only have two more P-days left was kinda crazy!  There is a saying here that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!  Its very true!  It feels like i entered here yesterday, when really i've been here around a month or so.  Crazy.  Nothing too exciting this week.  Yesterday we heard from an emeritus seventy by the name of Steuer.  He served a lot in Brazil and is now incharge of a project that is to re-translate the Bible into Portugese, just like they did for the Bible in spanish.  He talked a lot about the importance of words, which i thought was awesome.  it was cool because he used the portugese words for things in portugese, and when it comes to gospel topics, the words in portugese and spanish are the same for the most part, so me and my distric got a lot out of his talk.  I don't have my notes here, but as you read the scriptures, or anything for that matter, pay attention to what words they used, and why.  You can realize some pretty cool things!
the temple closed the monday before last, so the last two p-days we havent gone to the temple.  Its kinda sad...  We will be able to go wone more time though before we leave to Louisiana and Texas.  I got your package with my shoes and the questionare!  That was funny!  I'll tell you some of that now, and mail that later today.  My companion is Elder Preston Larsen, who originates from West Jordon Utah, but moved to San Diego about eight months previous.  He is great, and i am so glad he is going with me to Louisiana.  the other guys in my district are Elder Belnap from Logan Utah, who currently serves as our District leader, Elder Barnette, who is from chandler, and i believe that his grandfather with the last name Farnsworth might know Papa.  The other part of that trio is Elder Poulsen, who was our first district leader from Nampa Idaho, and he is awesome.  My district is also one of the only ones to have Hermanas, which is interesting, but nice at points. 
Thanks to the Toolsons for the cinnamon rolls!  those helped me get through a very bad week at the cafeteria!  I also got letters from the Glenns!  It was so good to hear from them and made my day!  I miss being their home teacher and my Dads companion!
Hillary! Your going to be a great missionary! I talked with my teachers awhile ago, and it might even work out randomly that we have the same teachers/ zone! How cool would that be!
Sadie- Cali with the Peterson/Larsens? That sounds fun! I could use a day at the beach :o... I would probably just sleep the entire time though...
Peter- your still shorter than me :P And i'm still growing a bit too!
Mom & Dad- Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being great parents for all these years! I am so greatful for all the lessons that i have learned from you! i know that because of you, I am on my way to becoming an effective tool in the hands of the lord!
I love you all!  I'm doing fine on this side!  Taking care of my diabetes!
Love you!
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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