Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 7 - MTC


Well, this has been a crazy week!  Last Saturday, i went in to the Hospital on 500 w (i think) and got an MRI on my knee.  That was a pretty cool experience.  They take you into a room that has this HUGE machine and lay you on this table, kinda explain whats going on, and then the table slides into the machine in a "Star Wars" type of motion.  That was crazy.  Then i waited until Monday to go and look at the results.  The doctor walked in and told be that i had ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, To which i responded, what?  (I had no idea that was what ACL stood for).  Pretty much right after that i was scheduled to go see an Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kimball.  You can check his website at  He said there was a video explaining the surgery.  He was really cool!  He really helped me to look at the brighter side of things.  I could see how hard it could be, but he helped explain that i was a missionary, and that i was in God's hands.  He told me of a story of a missionary who served in Moscow.  This missionary sprained his ankle really bad, and a doctor in Moscow said he needed surgery.  He went to Germany for a second opinion, which was really wishy washy, and eventually back to doctor kimball in the states.  When he got to Kimball, he was fine, but still ended up reassigned to Washington Russian speaking.  As you can imagine, he was bummed.  He said he had been called to Russia, and that his mission was a fail.  Little did he know, that one of his first days out, knocking on doors in a Russian community, being able to speak almost perfect Russian, he found someone who he found he was related too.  They talked and the man eventually joined the church.  This man of renown in the neighborhood and the work exploded.  I guess from this is we can learn that although it doesn't always look like its the way things are supposed to work out, its always how its supposed too.  I don't know exactly why i had this happen to me, but the fun part will be to figure out why!  Don't worry about me, i know I'm where I'm supposed to be!
Well, more about the week.  For starters, i was called to be the next/last district leader for my district in the MTC.  That's a big calling, but I'm blessed to have a great district who will be there to help me!  Tuesday devotional was awesome!  The Choir sang This is the Christ, probably one of my favorite songs!  It was great!  The speaker was Emeritus Seventy Vaughn Featherstone.  He was awesome, and his talk was just what i needed!  One thing he said is that 85% of success is due to attitude.  I know that as i do rehab and whatever else they have me do here, if i have a positive attitude, i will be just fine!  Another thing he said was "work will win when wishy washy wishing won't".  What an awesome quote!  In the MTC we see this daily.  Everyone has heard the quote that a goal not written down is just a wish.  I know that when we have SMART goals and work hard, we will prevail.  Es la verdad. se que eso.
I know that this church is true.  It is so easy to see that here at the MTC!  I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and through it, we can learn how to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.  In the last verse of This is the Christ, it says that "I read his words, the words he prayed, while bearing sorrow in Gethsemane.  I feel His love, the price he paid.  how many drops of blood where spilled for me!"  I add these words to my testimony!  i know that the Savior knows EXACTLY what i am going through, and all of you as well!  "With saints of old, in joyful cry, I too can testify, THIS IS THE CHRIST!"
Love you all!  Until i write again!
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

Michael and I were able to speak to Scott on Monday.  We did not find out when the exact day of his surgery will be, but I will be sure to post it if/when we know.  His spirits are up as you can tell from his letter.  From what he said, the plan is to have the surgery and then stay in the MTC for 4 extra weeks.  He will continue to meet with his Spanish teachers, work in the call center and keep busy.  If this plan sticks, Hillary will arrive in the MTC one week before Scott is to leave.  I assured him that we would all continue to pray for his success and recovery.  He LOVES the letters and food that we are all sending.  Thanks for your love and support to the great Elder Scott Andrews!  Ruth

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