Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 8 - MTC

Hey everyone!
How is everything going in the real world?  We heard some about the shooting in Colorado.  That was sad. Well this has been a week that i will probably never ever forget!  It all started off with my surgery on the ACL.  I got to the surgical center where i signed in and then was prepped for surgery by a nurse who randomly was the mother of a missionary that i have gotten to know here in the MTC.  She was really nice and helped me out a lot.  It's really funny how people treat you here in Utah when your a missionary!  Everyone has advice on how to help you, from the older man also getting surgery to the anesthesiologist who is a branch counselor in the MTC, who really helped me and my companions at the Center, Elder's Poulsen and Larsen, answer hard questions from people on the street, Like why cant women have the Priesthood, or are you saved?  his advice was to make sure the the person really understands what they are asking, like do they really understand what the priesthood is, or what there definition of saved is.  It was interesting.  Well, I remember being wheeled into the operating room, and then i was out.  I then remember waking up trying to say the first vision, while my companions where trying to hold me down.  Apparently i woke up yelling in spanish and trying to sit up, and that led to me punching a nurse!  I said sorry several times.  Then i kept saying leventanse or "stand up" in spanish.  When they would tell me no, i would yell Porque no!  Latter, i asked a nurse to bear her testimony, which was cool, but i dont remember that at all, and my companion to pray.  Apparently when he started to pray, i calmed down immediately, which is cool.  That night i ate Fettuchini alfredo from brick oven, which was awesome, watched a movio about missionaries in Hollywood called God's Army, and then went to sleep. 
Now the last few days i've prettymuch been in bed, walking around on my crutches, doing physical therapy for my knee, and sleeping.  I tried to go to class yesterday, but hurt a lot and was dozing off, so that didn't work to well.  The pain is starting to be controllable now, and on Monday i should get a new brace that i will be able to get around easier with, because the current brace is huge ant quite annoying.
I finished the Book of Mormon!  that was my goal for reading in the MTC, and I did it with flying colors!  I know that it is true, and i know that as we truly read it, ponder about it, and pray, we can receive answers to our questions.
It was great to be able to talk with Mom and Dad and once with Hill and Peter!  I hope you are all doing great!  Can't wait to see Hermana Andrews!
Well, Thats pretty much all i have to talk about this week.  I hope that in a day or two i'll be back and in class and with my district in their final days in the MTC!  I love you all and thanks for your prayers!  I'm doing great and am on the road to recovery!  My average blood sugar this week has been 107!  Awesome!  Gotta go!
Love you all!
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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