Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 5 - MTC

¡Hola todo las personas en la vida real!
¿Como esta?  Estoy bien en el CCM (MTC in spanish)  Today was a busy week! My last day of the choir was last thursday, which was kinda sad but nice, since that choir has taken a lot of my study time that i had in the morning.  One cool thing is that Thursday, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, we got to sing Praise to the Man.  It was the same version the MTC Choir sang at general conference not to long ago.  It was incredible and it was hard for me not to get super emotional.  Before we sang, Elder Nelson came in and personally thanked us for the music we had worked so hard on in so little time.  That was pretty cool! 
I hurt my knee in basketball about two and a half weeks ago, and it was still bothering me a little bit, so i went in again to the Sports Med place, and they said that it was my MCL and they arent really sure, but maybe my Mensicus.  I did some excercises for my quad, and they are helping me out a lot, so we will see how that goes.  Otherwise, i am doing well, and its not affecting my ability to walk at all, so thats good. 
Good luck with Maggie tonight!  I hope the thing you got from Kathrine works!  When i read the cougar was on the top bunk i laughed pretty hard!  The idea of seeing that on the bed in my room and seeing maggie questioning what it is was kinda funny!  I'm glad that you all traveled safely there and home!  I wish i could've been with you all, but at the same time i'm glad to be where i am :)  The food hear just keeps getting worse and worse :(  its just not as good as what i'm used to.  Not even as good as the Canon.  Ah well! The rumor today is that on the forth of July, we all get to go out on the field and watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire, which i hope so much is true!  We also have some kind of fireside that should be really good.
 So Kim Saunders is engaged!  Thats great!  From what i've heard, David is a great guy, and i hope the best for them!  Tell them congrats for me!  Seeing the Judds was cool!  I was just enjoying my sunday walk and heard someone yell SCOTT!  At first i was like what?  Then i was like, oh yeah!  Thats me!  Can you see my haircut in that picture?  Its CRAZY short!  Ah well, i guess it will grow back!  Oh, i've seen both Sam and Scott here!  Sam gave me a hug from you guys, that was nice!  Sam's classroom is down the hall from me, so i see him now and again, and Scott I see in the cafeteria now and again.
The Tennis shoes among the Nephites books are a series i wish i would have read!  I'm glad you enjoyed those!
Hill- Take the time to study!  Emeritus 70 Kikuchi (i think thats his name, he is from japan and spoke in conference awhile ago) talked yesterday about obeying with exact obedience.  It was really interesting!  He talked a lot about our morning schedule in the mission field, and how it is SO important in the field.  Just schedule time in and know that when it is time to study, nothing else interferes.  You come to find here in the MTC that there is nothing better than studying!  Take the time, and just study what they told you too in the mission packet, which is probably, the book of mormon, and preach my gospel.  Kikuchi also talked about preach my gospel.  Get to know the lessons.  Read the parts at the end of each lesson that talk about lesson plans!  Get to know those points and how to teach those!
Sadie and Peter- Hope you are doing good!  Keep up on reading the scriptures and obey with exactness!   Mom and Dad are not trying to torture you!  Even if it feels like it!  It will help you in the long run.  I have seen what happens to missionaries that have poor work ethic, and it really makes life miserable!
Mom and Dad!  I love you!  Thanks for teaching me what you have!  My insulin came in, and i am doing fine!  They dont have a print center or any way to send pictures here at the MTC, otherwise i would, and someone that sent his memory card said when it got to his family, it was empty and had been wiped by something, so i'll figure something out!
Love you all and hope the best for you
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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