Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 10 - MTC

Hey everyone!  
Como estan?  Everything is going well here in the Referral center!  I'm so glad to be able to serve here.  The work is going on!  Me and my companion have been answering chats pretty much constantly.  In our first week here we have had the opportunity to talk to over 115 people over chat.  I didn't know but according to the veterans here, that is a lot for a week.  Most of those however are trolls, or people who come on just to have a bit of fun for themselves.  They are hard to deal with sometimes.  At least they are usually easy to pick out. They start somewhat interested and then ask something stupid, like how do magnets work (which i guess is from a bad rap song, so they say), if the devil punishes the bad, why is he the devil, etc.  Some are actually kinda funny, but the real hard thing is to just find charity for these people that come online, whether it be to troll, argue, or they do have a need and want to learn more.  We had a really interesting chat a few days ago.  Someone came on with the intent to troll using the "why is the devil bad" gimmick.  I then answered his question and asked him if he believed in God.  He kinda started to get sincere, but then copied and pasted some anti-Mormon paragraph from somewhere.  Me and my companion where devastated.  Ah well.
Oh, my companion!  I'll tell ya a bit more about him.  He hails from Brigham City, Utah, which isn't too far away.  He likes to play Futbol, which is awesome, and was pretty good.  We get along really well.  We are both pretty laid back until we are on chat.  We don't always agree with everything, or every approach, but we are good at finally meeting in the middle.
A pretty good week over all.  My knee is doing great!  I am at least on schedule, maybe even over it.  My knee yesterday reached a full 136 degrees!  That is considered at or past full range of motion, which rocks!  All that is left is to help me get rid of this awful limp i have now.  That is mostly due to the fact that i am now crutch free!  It is great to be able to walk again, even though it is with a brace.  Physical therapy is always fun and all of the therapists fill us in on the olympics, which sound like they are going well.
This week i was studying the book of Enos, which is probably my favorite scripture.  It was interesting to look at how the Prayer of Enos relates to the prayers of a missionary.  The first thing he does is to clear any sins that he has; earnestly praying for repentance.  Next, he prays for his brethren, our our companions/district/zone.  We are constantly praying to help those we work with.  One thing of advice my teachers gave is to even go as far as praying for your companion while he teaches.  The next and final step is that he prays for his "investigators", the Lamanites.  I have seen that so much lately.  When i teach over chat.  I am CONSTANTLY praying that they will understand, and that the spirit will speak to them.
One thing i just experienced was an investigator who would just not try.  It was hard.  If they won't experiment on the word, all we can do is to testify of truth, and hope they do it.  I hope he will eventually "experiment on the word".
Well, thats all.  Thanks for all the letters and everything!  
Love you all!
Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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