Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 11 - MTC

How are you all doing?  Life is good here at the MTC Referral Center!  We keep quite busy here.  The work is going on!  We have our new investigator, Pedro, who is awesome!  We met him on chat and he is GOLDEN.  Literally, our lessons go in such a way that we start talking about a subject, and then he explains it perfectly, and we freak out and confirm what he said.  He is great!  BTW, we teach him in spanish!  It is awesome to be able to somewhat speak another language.  The Gift of Tongues is quite real!  We asked "Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo, al ser bautizado, por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de Dios?"  and he said yes, but he didnt feel prepared.  Thats ok.  Thats what we are here for.  President Evans, the 70 in charge of the missionaries, second only pretty much to the Apostles in what goes on, spoke about this process.  We as missionaries are here to help people come unto Christ.  That means that we aren't making them run faster than they are able.  It was cool, because he talked about how we are also called to lift up those who are less active members, and referred to the painting by Turner which i think is called "The Rescue".  It was interesting.  He focused on how we as missionaries  do help those who are non members, but that we are also called to help less actives come back to the church.  I know the truth of that as we chat with people.  It is so easy once you figure out that someone is a member to kinda check out and not put a lot of effort in.  That however, is not what we are supposed to do.  We are to invite everyone to come unto Christ, and that is an eternal process.
Guess what!  I just went out to eat at Tucanos!  It was heaven!  We only get to go out to eat on P-day, which for us is Wednesday.  Last week, we went to olive garden and had some extra funds, so we decided to go big.  Plus it was sort of a going away for Elder Hansen, who leaves in two weeks to go home.  He served in Bolivia for 21 months, and just got surgery here on his patella.  His knee caps are off centered, so he just had surgery on the first, and will do the second when he is at home.
Life is good here!  The only bad thing here is the food :D 
Elder Watson is awesome.  We are a lot alike, so we get along.  When we have a chat, i don't have to watch him all that much, he can handle himself.  I read this morning in Chapter 11 of first Nephi verses 1 to around 6.  This is where Nephi sees the vision of the Tree of Life.  I looked at the verbs and nouns of the chapter, which was kind of interesting, and really outlines what we can do to receive revelation.  If we will 1. desire to know, 2. believe that the Lord is able to "make known" these things, and 3. to ponder in your heart, and be in the environment to be able to do that.  I'm gonna try to help those that come on asking about personal revelation by studying this chapter with them.  It really just lays it out.  Good stuff.  
Well, i gotta run!  Love you all!  Be safe!
Elder Scott T. Andrews

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