Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 9 - MTC

Hey everyone!  This week was absolutley nuts!  So for one, the MTC has me going to physical therapy, which is fun!  My Physical Therapist's name is Anderson, and he is the father of one of the missionaries that was in my zone.  He has been helping my knee a ton.  I can pretty much get around on one crutch now, which is nice, because it gives me an extra hand to work with.  It was kinda annoying having everyone constantly having to carry my stuff.  Monday was sad, because one of my good friends in the district, Elder Belnap, left for Dallas Texas.  He was always kind, one of the first to jump up and help me when i needed it.  I'll miss him.  Then Tuesday i joined the Referral center.  That day included packing all of my stuff, and then getting help from some of my friends in my old quarters and moving it too 2M which has senior housing as well as housing the referral center missionaries.  That was no fun. 
The referral center is really cool!  Yesterday we started chatting with people who get on, helping to answer questions.  Today was especially crazy.  The first chat i had today was with a man named Simon Kane, from England.  He was interested in the gospel and so we talked and talked and talked with him for like one hour and 20 minutes.  After that, we got back into the system to wait for another chat and we found Beth, Seth's GF.  She said she was also interested in the Church, so that puts me and my companion up at two investigators!  Tomorrow we will get to go and chat with them on Skype.  I hope that all goes well there.  So we just have that and chatting with others online, just spreading the Gospel as far as we can!
On P-day the missionaries of the Referral center are allowed to go eat of campus, so we went to Costa Vida, which was awesome!  Oh, BTW  my companion now is Elder Watson from Brigham City.  He tore his ACL as well.  So we will be together for our stay here at the MTC.  He's cool.  We get along. 
Well, that's pretty much what's goin on here.  My blood sugars are doing good, so thats a blessing!  Talk to ya later!  Love you all!
Elder Scott Andrews

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