Monday, October 8, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 18 - New Orleans, LA

Conference was Incredible!

Hey everyone!

This was a crazy week!  One of those where you feel like you did good, but the numbers just don't support it.  Jose y Areli are doing fine.  We weren't able to see them, because of their commitments to work, but we have been in contact with them, and will see them tonight i hope.  Danielle has also been quite busy, so we haven't been able to go see either of them lately.  I hope we will be able to see them all this next week.  Oh!  I just remembered i never told you all about my first door approach!

Well we were knocking on some doors in one of the apartment complexes that has a high hispanic population, and Elder Gillett said it was my door.  I was a little scared, but excited.  So i knocked like elder Gillett does (he has a little pattern he does), and waited.  From inside someone said something, that to this day I am not sure what they actually said.  Elder Gillett thought he heard them say come in.  I proceeded to ask: what?  He then explained that sometimes hispanics run little restaurants like buisnesses from in their homes, so i said ok, and walked in.  First off, it was not a restaurant.  Second, when i opened the door, it swung and hit a lady in a chair.  Third, as i entered the room, i looked to the right, and there where four or so Hispanics just sitting watching the TV,  our, i guess at that moment, they where all watching me.  I turned to Elder Gillett, and informed him that this was not a restaurant.  I jumped out of the room, and one of them came to the door.  Elder Gillett gave him a card, and we left.  It was quite a funny experience.

Well, General Conference was AWESOME!  18 years old for Elders and 19 years old for Hermanas!  That is crazy!  I know that that will help so much!  The ward mission leader, Hmo.  Batlle, was saying how much that will help the ward.  The young men that graduate from high school and then have nothing to do but work wont have to wait to go.  Less will get into trouble after High School. It's crazy to think how that will affect BYU culture!  CRAZY!  I dont think that there was a talk that i didnt really like!  Sister Dibb's was awesome, about "I'm a Mormon.  i know it, i live it, and i love it!"  I loved Elder Christofferson's talk in priesthood as well.  I also liked Sister Burtons first observe, then serve.  Elder Holland's talk was fantastic as well, on Peter and the Apostles being re-commited to the work.  Are we all commited?  I can't wait to get a November ensign and be able to study these talks more in depth!
Life is going well over here!  New Orleans is as crazy as ever!  the other day i got a 32 inch po-boy with roast beef for like ten bucks!  It fed me for a couple days!  Love you all!  I am so greatful for all you do to help me, and i love reading your letters!  Love you all!
Elder Scott T. Andrews

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