Monday, October 15, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 19 - New Orleans, LA

Awesome week!

Hey everyone!

After last week where it felt like pretty much nothing happened, this week was fantastic!  We had 3 Lessons with members, and 8 other lessons!  It was awesome!  We have quite a few investigators right now, so I'll just talk about the ones that we have taught recently.

First off, is one of our new investigators this week, Hoover (pronounced Oover, no h), and his wife, Tita.  He is from Nicaragua, and she is from Honduras.  They seem pretty cool.  We went over this week and had a "get to know you" talk and answered some of their questions that they had.  They seem pretty interested, but he is a work horse, so finding time to talk can be a little difficult with them.

Next is the Delao Family.  They are awesome!  They always pick up so fast on what we teach, and they are excited to learn more.  Next Sunday, they say that they both got work off, so we should be seeing them at church, which would be fantastic!  Tonight we are having FHE with them, because they cancelled last week.

Virginio, our investigator who is in his 60's is doing well.  We had a lesson with him, and he seems to finally understand authority, which is great.  That has been our main goal with him.  Virginio kinda reminds me of Gramps in some ways.  Except that he is around 5'4".  However, he keeps busy.  We where able to help him re-side his two story home, which he planned to do all on his own.  Him doing it alone would have been a sight to see!

Last but certainly not least is Dora.  She has strong desires to follow Christ and do what she is supposed to.  She showed up at church the other day, and just has a desire to do good.  She has been visiting with the missionaries for quite awhile, so this is an awesome development!

It is such a privilege to be able to watch these people have desires to change, and i love that i am here being a part of it!  In a few of our lessons, it was awesome to have a few members present.  There is nothing like having members there to talk to and relate with our investigators.  The work the members do helps us so much, and it helps so much when the members are there to help our investigators learn!

Life is good!  I have loved going and re-reading the conference talks.  They are so inspiring!  So many questions have been answered, and i have never wanted to serve more!  In Priesthood, i was sitting with a young less active boy.  Right before president Monson talked, i prayed that he would say something that would help this young man out.  I don't think that he could have said anything better.  It was awesome to have my prayers answered right there.

I was reading the other day in 3 Nephi chapter 18 where Jesus institutes the sacrament.  The thing that caught my eye, was how it kept saying that they did eat/drink, and where filled.  What i wondered, is how can, as we take the sacrament, be filled?  It's obviously not physical for us.  You can't be filled by a fraction of a slice of bread, or a tiny cup of water.  What we can be filled with is the spirit, as the sacramental prayers promise.  I know that if we will prepare ourselves for the sacrament, and really think about what the prayers say, we can, and will be filled by the spirit!  

Well, that is all!  I am loving this time that i have to serve the Lord in his vineyard! 
Love you all!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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