Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 20 - New Orleans, LA

First Transfer Over!

Hey everyone!

This is crazy!  My first transfer is over!  AHhhhh!  Where is the time GOING!?!?!!  I have almost been out for SIX months!  AGH!  Ok, ok, enough.  of that!  Life is going well over hear in New Orleans!  thankfully, i am NOT getting transferred, and neither is Elder Gillett .  If he left me now, i would probably die.  My spanish is getting better!  Poco a poco, i'm getting to where i want to be.  I guess it's kinda like conversion.  You start out not quite knowing anything, but little by little, you learn more and more, until... you die!  You won't ever stop learning, or improving!  So good to know that Hermana Andrews is FINALLY helping the people of Santa Rosa California!  She will be awesome there!  They won't even know what hit them!

Well life is good!  Our investigators are coming along well!

Virginio is doing quite well!  The last time we where over there, we where talking and his, well, i guess she is a girlfriend, was there too.  Her name is Carmen.  We have known they where together, but she isn't usually around when we are.  Anyways, we where over there and, pretty spontaneously, Virginio says something which roughly translates to "We should be married.  What do you think?  Yes or no?"  We kinda thought it was a joke, because he kept winking at Elder Gillet, and he is kind of a jokester, but no, he was serious!  He said they want to be married and baptized, so that is good news!  Taught them the word of wisdom and they where super into it.  However, they still didn't come to church, so we will see what happens!

One of our investigators that did come to church is Dora, with her two children.  She really has desires to follow Christ and serve God.  I am sure we can help her with that!  Our other investigator that came to church is Daniel.  He is excited about the Gospel, and we are teaching him el Plan de Salvacion right now.  We will see what happens with the both of them!

Life is good!  Last Sunday we had the stomach flu, or something, and where down and out, but thankfully, we are up and going again!  It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in our lives!

Something interesting that i read today was the story of the brother of Jared (Mahonrimoriancumur).  When he asked the Lord to touch the stones, the Lord touched the stones, and then he saw the finger of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  He saw the stones lighting up, his faith grew, and became so great, that he saw the Lord.  I know that if we will look for "the finger of the Lord"  in our lives, our faith will grow too!  I know that this church is the church of Jesus Christ!  I am greatful to be able to serve full time in this work!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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