Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 27 - New Orleans, LA

Second Transfer Meeting!

Hey everyone!

OK, so this last transfer meeting was absolutely nuts!  We got all of Elder Gillett's stuff packed up, and Wednesday morning, we headed out on our our and a half trip to the Baton Rouge stake center.  Well, we got there and Elder Larsen, my companion from the MTC was there!  It was super cool to say hi to him!  So we sat in the chapel, and president started announcing the new companionships.  MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER LARSEN!  Not a different Elder Larsen.  THE SAME ELDER LARSEN!  It was so crazy!  Working together has been so awesome!  My Spanish is getting so much better, now that we are together.  Before, we where sheltered by our trainers, now, kinda like Hermana Andrews said in her letter, we are all grown up!  It is so crazy that we can communicate in another language   Every time I think about it, it just blows my mind!  We are so blessed by the Lord! 

Well, the work is going well.  Our mission has a mandatory bike day every week.  So Saturday  we decided to bike.  We where so blessed as we where obedient!  We had like 4 contacts as we biked around!  One of our recent contacts, Wilson, even came to church!  He is a young guy that is pretty interested in the church.  When we first met him, we talked for like on hour answering questions.  When he came to church, he could only stay for the first part, but said he loved it and wants to come to the whole thing!  I am so excited to teach him more!  Daniel is doing well as well.  He wasn't able to come to church, so we will figure that out.  He really has desires to follow Christ, he still just doesn't feel ready.  Everyone else is more or less the same.  

It is still just so crazy that I am still with Elder Larsen!  Ha-ha!  I am still just loving being out here!  I know that this church is true!  I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, and that he wants to bless us.  It is amazing to see how as people come unto Jesus Christ, we truly are blessed!

Love you all!  Have a merry Christmas Season!

Elder Scott T. Andrews
Me with this cool wall in New Orleans, LA!

A cool building with a clarinet on it!

A nativity that we went to that was so cool!

The cool wall!

For the "Top Gear" fans.

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