Monday, December 17, 2012

Year 1 - Letter 28 - New Orleans, LA

Such an awesome week!

Hey everyone!

 This week was awesome!  We taught a lot, and me and Elder Larsen are working hard!  We have a baptism this Friday for Daniel!  I am so excited!  So many exclamation points!

OK, first off, I'm going to talk about Daniel.  Daniel has been ready for quite some time.  We have been studying the scriptures with him almost every day, and he is keeping commitments.  So we had a lesson with him last Wednesday, and we committed him to study Alma 34.  Elder Larsen then asked him to also study out what it meant to cry out unto the lord.  Friday we had another lesson and he had done it, and he said that when he prays he feels this light come over him.  He said he would peek up every now and then, and nothing was there.  I then asked him "have you been praying about baptism?... si ... and you felt that light, good feeling come over you? ... si ... do you think that is an answer to your prayers? ... si ... will you be baptized the 22 of December by someone holding the priesthood authority of God? ... si"  It was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had!  We moved the baptism to the 21 though because it worked better, but still, totally crazy!

OK, another cool story relating to Daniel.  So, one of the last things we haven't taught Daniel before baptism is about prophets.  We decided that we should give him the talk "Consider the Blessings" by President Monson this last conference.  This was last Saturday, which was also our bike day, so we biked to the library (not the usual one because the usual one was closed because it was Saturday) and when we got there, I realized that I had no money to print out the talk for him.  I was playing with my wallet (it is one of those Jacobs ladder type ones)  and it was empty.  When I got to my computer I said a little prayer that everything would work out.  I then had this idea that I could use my card to put money on my library card to print.  I got to the machine, and it only took cash.  I then took my wallet out, felt inside, and sitting there, where two brand new one dollar bills.  Just what I needed to print out the talk.  I to this day have no idea where they came from.  Elder Larsen didn't put it there, nor did anyone else.  I know that the Lord provides for his servants.

Our other investigators are doing well!  We are going to work at inviting them to the baptism and to the ward party this Saturday. 
Well, that is all the time I have right now!  Love you all!  Keep on doing the small simple things!

Elder Scott T. Andrews

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