Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Year 1 - Letter 43 - New Orleans, LA

Alma 16:1-8

Hey everyone!  

Things have been great down here in the Big Easy!  So glad that I get to be here for at least another six weeks!  Me and Elder Jones are safe for the time being!  Crazy!  Seems like I have been here for a really long time.  Maybe that has to do with the fact that since the mission won't let diabetics in bike areas, and there are only a handful of those for Spanish missionaries.  I don't know, whatever may be the case, I am grateful for the time that I am given here!

Well, our investigators are making progress.  We haven't had a chance to see many of our contacts, because I don't know why, they are never home.  That is OK.  We will keep knocking! 

Daniel is awesome, as usual!  He is really wanting to be baptized, and is looking for new work, which we are helping him with, as well as a new place to live, because his many roommates like to drink, party, etc.  We are just keeping up with him.  Everytime we go over he asks us when we are going to stop by tomorrow.

I went on an exchange last week!  It was awesome!  I was with Elder Wilson, the companion of Elder Gillett, one of our zone leaders.  I got to serve in Fat City, a part of Metairie.  It was very interesting.  I learned a lot from his example.  He is a natural contacter.  That is what I am trying to be!  It is hard sometimes!  I am so glad we are not doing all of this on our own! 

I am SO excited for conference!  I think even more so than my birthday!  What an awesome opportunity we have to listen to prophets of God!  That is why I put Alma 16:1-8 as the title.  Zoram, Chief Captain of the Nephite armies, doesn't know where to go.  So what does he do?  TURNED TO THE PROPHET!  What were the results?  100% of the captives were returned, and the lamanites did not return for three or so years.  I know that as we listen to the Prophets of God, we will be prepared for everything else!  I love you all!  Thanks for the support!

Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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