Monday, April 29, 2013

Year 1 - Letter 47 - New Orleans, LA

Alma 36:27 And I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me from prison, and from bonds, and from death; yea, and I do put my trust in him, and he will still deliver me.

Hey everyone!

Life is good here in New Orleans!  The work is hard sometimes, but that is OK.  We just keep on keepin on!  

We had an awesome day last Wednesday!  We went out after all of our studies and started contacting by a street named Bienville.  In all reality, we were just out and talking with people, and found several potential investigators.  One instance in particular was kind of cool.  We were walking and we saw some Hispanic children playing by home that looked to be divided into three or so apartments.  We thought that was a pretty good sign that there were hispanics there.  We knocked on the first door, and we saw someone peek through the window, so we waved and then heard the door lock.  So we went on  to the next door, knocked, and .... nothing.  AGH.  Were pretty much done with the place, because it seems when we go contacting, that is all that happens, but I felt that we should go on and knock the last door.  Suddenly, the door opened and a man answered and we started getting to know him. His name is Luis, from Mexico. I told him I love their food.  He agreed.  Then, we taught a little bit about the Book of Mormon and he accepted a copy.  We then asked when we could stop by, and he said right now!  That was cool.  He told us to wait for a second, and he called someone and was telling them to come.  Turns out it was his wife and one of their sons.  We taught about the Book of Mormon a bit more, and shared the introduction and committed them to read.  They gave us a number, but it isn't theirs, so we are going to stop by again, because they seemed pretty interested.  That was cool.  I was so glad to have followed the prompting I received to go on to the last door.

Here in Louisiana, it is pretty hard to find hispanics.  But recently I remembered something.  In my call to be a missionary, it doesn't tell me to teach in Spanish to the people Louisiana.  It tells me first to teach, and then to do it in Spanish.  I am going to try to be better at contacting EVERYONE, and when we find a Spanish door, that is great!

Another cool experience is we have been stopping by and teaching Porfilio, a less active member who doesn't live in the most spirit conductive environment, and one of his friends, David, is now interested in our message.  He has a problem with drinking and wants to change.  That was something that I was sort of confused on how to proceed.  How do you help someone stop drinking?  That is when I remembered President Packer's quote in Preach My Gospel.  "True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior."  So, we taught them the beginning of the Restoration and it went really well.  Super neat.  The spirit was super strong there.  I am so excited to be able to help him progress.

Another awesome thing that happened is that we were able to help Bishop with moving his daughter.  He called and asked us to help!  That was awesome to be able to help him out!  

Well, that is pretty much it!  Thanks for the continued support and letters!  Love you all!

Elder Scott Turner Andrews

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  1. It's fun to see the pictures! Can't believe it's been almost a year since he left.